Z Boys to play at one of Puerto Rico's national parks, The Caves at Camuy!!!!

On Saturday, February the 20th, the caves of Camuy, P.R. are going to come alive once again, with the sound and energy of Puerto Rico's electronic music enthusiasts as we come together for "P.R.s Electronic Music Fest". Not since 2001 have we had an event at this national park, and the last 4 times it happened; THEY WERE HUUUUGE!!! This time around however, things are a bit different. This event is being brought to us by FWD Music and Coors Light's "Silver Sessions", and for the first time our headliners ARE our local DJs. 12 Hours of non-stop electronic music, 3 Outdoor Stages, and OVER 30 OF THE BEST LOCAL DJ'S IN PUERTO RICO. This is the event we've been waiting for, for nearly 10 years!!!

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